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Early birds see the nicest cats

Safari part three, Serengeti part two

As it turns out, we are unfortunately not getting a good night’s sleep in the tent. The reason? Watch this:

We rise before dawn to be on the plains before the sun rises. It’s stunningly beautiful and the sight is enhanced by three hot air balloons soaring on the first red rays of the dawn.

We meet a couple of tired hyenas going home and spot a Martial eagle – the largest eagle in Africa.

A group of colourful Fischer’s lovebird parade on top of a bush. What a wonderful name!

Suddenly Daniel hits the brakes. Right by the car a female cheetah sits in the high grass, just two meters away. She doesn’t understand what the car is and is totally unbothered by us. She has a magic beauty.

A little while later Daniel brakes again. This time for an old male lion resting by a pool. To see the king of cats so close gives us an almost religious experience. We don’t speak, don’t even whisper, just take photos, firing away like crazy. After a while the lion rises and walks solemnly across the road to a small tree in a field. There he lies down in the cool shadow.

Later, by the roadside, we see a lion family resting after lunch. We’re definitely not alone here, lots of safari cars are parked all around. The lions don’t care, they just fall asleep one by one. A young male does exactly like the cats at home, turns on his back, tummy up, paws in the air!

Next we head into the enormous Ngoro Ngoro caldera. What lies in wait for us there? 

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