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Swedes scream in Mexican bar

Cusco part four

Having seen most of the city in the sky we’re once again queing for the bus, this time to take us back to Machu Picchu city. There’s a TV screen showing the World Cup football games, and it just so happens that at that moment Sweden is playing Mexico, and Augustinsson scores 1-0 for the blue and yellow team. We’re almost screaming with excitement and I shout “Viva Suecia!” Everybody turns around and smiles. Latin American solidarity is well grounded but this time courtesy won. I guess.

And it continues as the bus skids down the serpentine roads in clouds of red dust. The radio is blasting out commentaries in Spanish and twice we hear the wonderful “Gooooooooooal” being exclamated, followed by “Sueciaaa!”

Back in Machu Picchu city we run into the nearest bar to watch the last minutes. And yes, we beat the Mexicans. But nobody in the crowd around us looks happy. We suddenly realize that this is a Mexican bar.

We happily bounce down to the train station for the trip back “home”, to Cusco.

We continue to explore archeological sites from the kingdom of the Incas, just as impressive as Machu Picchu, but not as well-known. Ollantaytambo, named after an Incan general, has some truly colossal terraces and a sort of roof-less barns hanging on steep mountain walls. They are believed to have been used for dehydration of food in the dry mountain winds. We are constantly impressed by their ingenuity and try to imagine how this country could have developed if the Incas had been strong enough to fight back the conquistadors and live in peace. But then again, probably some other colonial power would have seized the opportunity to loot and steal other peoples’ riches and kill the people living there. South America is one endless tragedy.

Now we long for some sun and sea and oxygen, and head off to the north coast of Peru. Hello Punta Sal!

What’s winter like on the north coast of Peru? Check next chapter and find out!

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