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Smiling faces, jumping high

Back to Eilat

Back in Eilat we head out to Dolphin Reef, a place where humans and dolphins may interact, swim together, dive if you’re a diver. The dolphins here aren’t confined, they live in the Red Sea and come into Dolphin Reef when they feel like it. And fancy some free food.

But the place isn’t just a tourist attraction, it’s also a place that provides rehabilitation for young people with trauma, autism, Downs syndrome or mental issues. Interacting with the dolphins can make these youngsters open up, get better self confidence and feel acknowledged.

We stayed on a floating bridge and watched the dolphins from there. They are curious and brave and often look up at us with their “happy smile”. On their way out to the open sea they make high jumps, as a kind of “so long and thanks for the fish” sign.

Summary: Israel is a country that is easy and pleasant to travel around in. It has a great deal of the Middle East ambience and the comforts of western society at the same time. Most people speak English and it’s easy to book tickets and accommodation online.

Cons are the strong military presence in the streets, plus of course the ongoing serious tensions between Jews and Palestinians. You can’t help wondering sometimes if maybe the will to truly solve the problems isn’t really there.


This is the last chapter of the story about our journey to Israel in the summer of 2013, we hope You enjoyed it.  If You have any comments or questions to us, please use the commentary field below, or push the CONTACT button on top of the page.

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