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Caribbean 2.0

San Pedro, Belize

Along the same vast reef, but half an hour’s boat ride to the north is San Pedro, an elongated strip of land with a centre that is quite different from easy-going Caye Caulker. The hotels are grander, the houses more solid, and besides the usual armada of golf cars there are also ordinary cars in the streets here. And most important, like any town with self esteem it has a clock tower!

We’re staying in Victoria House, a stylish lodge in the southern parts of town. To get to the city center, the shops and ATMs we don’t ride in golf cars as most tourists do, we walk or ride bikes. But we don’t even do that much, most of what we need is found at the hotel, be it beaches, restaurants, bars or even excursions. Their restaurant is actually the best so far on this Central American journey!


But number one on San Pedro’s hot list is actually the sea and the reef. Swimming and snorkling here is like being in a gigantic aquarium. We spend a few hours by the reef’s edge and are amazed at the multitude of fish and corals.

Actually there is another most important reason for us to be right here and right now. It’s V’s birthday, a number with a zero at the end, and of course that’s a cause for celebration! Champagne and lobster, and a glass of rum. Happy birthday, my beloved V!

There’s lots of life in the sea in Belize, but also in the air. Birds of different sizes and types, here’s a few of them: 

And here at the end of our San Pedro visit; who can resist taking part in this draw? I mean, the third price is…priceless!

We’re approaching the end of our Central American adventure and there’s only one stop left. It’s also an island, and not far from here. But we have to take the ferry boat, pass a frontier, go on a six hour bus ride, grab a taxi, and finally catch a new ferry. And we’re on “The island of the women”!

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