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New Year’s eve in the dunes

Merzouga, Draa valley, Marrakech

When we reach the real desert, the vast Sahara with dunes glowing red in the evening, we find some camels (actually they’re dromedary) waiting for us. They’re actually very cute and observant animals. They take us comfortably out into the dunes with their swinging soothing walk. After about half an hour we arrive at our tented camp where we’ll spend the night, eat and drink and celebrate the New Year.

After dinner the camp fire is lit and a local band plays traditional berber party music. One guy plays a sort of electrified guitar and the rest handles metal castanets. Wait, what? Castanets? Yes, remember that the first to conquer Spain in the Moorish invasion were berber troops.

In the course of the first day of the new year we head back to Ouerzazate, taking a route through the lush green Draa valley where date palms form a rich green carpet stretching out to the horizon. It’s soothing for the eyes to see after all the red sand and stone of the desert.

On our last night in Marrakesh we try to once again book a table at Pepe Nero, but it’s full and we end up in a rather messy restaurant nearby. And of course we get sick. Actually we already are, because our tour guide in Ouarzazate was ill with the flu. So we arrive home in not the best condition, but you know, that happens. After a week in bed we’re fine and ready to plan our next journey adventure.

So long magical Morocco!

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