Travels with V

View from a high cliff towards the sea. Utsikt från en hög klippa ut mot havet.
The sea and a rocky coast. Havet vid en klippig kust.

Cape Province, South Africa




What happened to the dream?

Part 3 - Cape Province

A lonely tree in a field with mountains in the background. Ett ensamt träd på ett fäl med berg i bakgrunden.

Sadly we’re only staying one night in this amazing lodge, but at least we have a fabulous dinner (probably the best during the whole journey) and a perfect breakfast before we leave. And then we’re on our long way back to Cape Town. This time we stop-over in Strussbaai where we see for the first time people swimming in the sea. But this is the east side, facing the warm Indian ocean, not the cold Atlantic on the west side.
We continue to Cape Agulhas, The most southern point of Africa. The exact place is just a rocky shore, but they do have an impressive lighthouse.

Back in Cape Town again we go on a last tour that just takes us to the outskirts of the city. We’re going to be guided through one of the city’s oldest townships. There are many townships around Cape Town, coming into town you see them on all sides for many miles. Steel and junk sheds side by side, as far as you can see. Millions of people living without running water, and many without electricity. It’s an unbelievable misery.
We can’t go into the really bad ones, that’s to dangerous, instead we’re walked through a more well organized and less crime-ridden one called Langa. Here some upgrading work has actually begun with new modern houses being built.

But improvements in Langa is just a drop in the ocean. The townships keep growing and it’s all a terrible injustice created by apartheid, the racist ideology the government forced upon its citizens in the 1950’s. That year saw the “Group Areas Act”, a law declaring the division of cities into reservations, each one for a people of a specific heritage. City districts were evacuated and houses demolished to make them “pure white”. And the evicted people were forced to live in the neglected townships. The largest one, Khayelitsha, today has between a half and one million inhabitants living without running water.

Many simple houses with satellite dishes. Många enkla hus med paraboler.

ANC and its leader Nelson Mandela won the first democratic election in 1994 and the apartheid laws were scrapped soon after. But the damage was done, and the inequality between blacks and whites is still there, and seems firmly rooted. This country is unbelievably rich, exporting minerals, agriculture products etc, but a large portion of the population don’t have jobs, a place to live or hopes for the future. This society that the apartheid governments smashed seems very hard to repair. With this bitter taste in our mouths we leave the beautiful Cape Town.

Statue of Nelson Mandela on a balcony. Staty av Nelson Mandela på en balkong.
Resebloggar finns det gott om men vi har en lite annan tanke med våra berättelser. Vi vill främst beskriva våra upplevelser av udda platser, människorna vi möter och miljöer som är rätt annorlunda mot vad vi möter hemma.

Därför hamnar vi ibland i avlägsna indianbyar i Guatemalas berg eller bland andetroende bybor på en ö i Indonesien. Men också på mer kända platser som Machu Picchu i Peru eller sandstränderna i Goa. Allt sett genom våra ögon och kameror.

Den som vill ha restips får också sitt - varje resmål har en avdelning med sånt vi kan rekommendera. Eller undvika. Vårt fokus är framför allt att sporra er läsare att göra som vi - resa rätt ut i den vida världen.