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Sous le ciel de Paris

Paris part one

Paris is one of our absolute favourite cities.  We can come back here time and time again, few cities are so rich in experiences as the French capital. A lot of what a visitor absolutely must see is reachable by walking. But if you need to go beyond that, the Paris metro is the perfect means of transport. 

We have picked a hotel not far from Porte de Clignancourt, just north of Montmartre, so the natural way to go is to start on that hill with its fantastic views of the city. As expected a nice surprice awaits us there, around the Sacre Cœur cathedral there’sa food- and wine fair, lots of people, lots of great food and snacks. 

Right on top of the long stairs up to the cathedral hundreds of parisians enjoy the sunshine och the incredible views. A football acrobat works here most days, and his balance is unbelievable. But every now and then even he makes a mistake…

The inside of the Sacré Cœur is not quite as gorgeous as the outside, but it’s well worth a visit. The ceiling paintings in blue and gold are realy magnificent. 

Next stop is the Arch with the eternal flame on the tomb of the unknown soldier. A grand monument that has at least one surprise – cherubs can have both sexes. Previously I thought that they were always boys.  

From the arch the natural direction is down the classic shopping street Champs-Élysées with luxurious entrances and surprising stuff on display in the windows In one we saw a fantasy “concept” car, or maybe a personal flying saucer. Made by a major French car manufacturer. 

Keep straight on and you’ll find yourself in the Tuileries where we saw this bizarre art display. 

Having passed through the Tuileri gardens you’r at the gates of the gigantic arts museum the Louvre. I’ve never been inside, the queues outside are always way too long. Keeping order is a policeman on rollerblades, which was something new to us. We walk on to the Centre Pompidou instead, a futuristic culture center that to our disappointment was closed for repair. We look at the soap bubble blowers instead. 

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